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Cool and verdant Bakuriani awaits those who fled searing cities!

Bakuriani is one of the beautiful winter resorts in the world. It is situated on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range in the Borjomi Valley of Georgia, at the altitude of 1,700 m (5,576 ft). Kokhtagora (2,155 m), from which one could see peaks of the Caucasus Range, is the jewel of Bakuriani.

Vacationing in Bakuriani is rewarding and interesting during all seasons: wood-covered mountains, mineral water springs, unique tourist routes towards spectacular natural or cultural monuments of the Borjomi Valley. All of this is a guarantee of our health and good mood.

It’s pleasantly cool here during evenings, and sometimes it’s even cold. And this happens while down there, in the flatlands, people are much disturbed of unbearable heat.

Go up onto Kokhtagora through cable-way. From atop Kokhta you will see the Caucasus Range stretched before your eyes. The festival of colors, the azure space, and the chain of mountains – from the black Sea to the Caspian – see this miracle of nature in a clear day!


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